Campaign Marketing through an “appreciation strategy” can accomplish relationships that separate your company from the other 99 percent that hope to gain a new client or customer. Simply put, it is the strategy that lets your client know that they are special and appreciated and psychologically ties them to you. The chances of them working with your company are much greater if a choice is to be made between you and the other company.This is all because you used a human approach and became likeable. Lets face it, it’s more comfortable to work with someone you know and trust and that cares about you.

Retention is increased using campaign marketing with an appreciation strategy. Your client is attached to your style of “I am glad that we have you as a customer” and that alone deters the temptations when your competition moves in. You take care of your client and they feel special with your team. This can provide resistance to change (meaning the other offers being considered), and would be like them “leaving a friend”. No one likes to do that.

When it comes to referrals, who is your client going to mention? Yes, it is your company. You have that attraction factor, the ability to connect in a human way with your customers.This means using your marketing dollars in a way that creates meaningful relationships, increased respect and sales -instead of tactics that are boring, typical and often ignored, turning your potential (and current) clients away. Congratulations on your new campaign marketing strategy.You and your clients are much happier and they now want to hear from you again and again.

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